Who we are

GREAT is taking on the big national issues behind the proposed Solar Power Station development. The need for solar energy – the need to address climate change – the need to save the natural environment.

This is not nimbyism – if successful the Cleve Hill development could set a precedent for the whole of the UK.

GREAT is the umbrella group that encompasses the combined views of local, regional and national organisations that oppose the Cleve Hill Solar Park (CHSP) development for the Graveney Marshes near Faversham in Kent.

GREAT now communicates the range of actions and views of these organisations regarding their combined opposition to the Cleve Hill Solar Park (CHSP) proposal via their website and regular email updates.

Some of the organisations and individuals opposed to this development:

    • the RSPB
    • Kent Wildlife Trust
    • the community of Graveney
    • GREAT (Graveney Rural Environment Action Team)
    • Faversham MP Helen Whately
    • Swale Green Party
    • Swale Borough Council
    • Faversham Liberal Democrat Party
    • The Faversham Society
    • Ramblers Association

While recognising renewable energy makes a useful contribution to our energy supply, these groups and individuals oppose this proposal as being a massive development in completely the wrong place.

“I’ve been working hard along with many hundreds of people to get this development rejected and that remains my focus on this. But we need to prepare for any outcome, and we need your help.” Helen Whately, MP for Faversham, Minister of State (Minister for Care) at the Department of Health and Social Care

“It would industrialise and destroy the unique and much loved Graveney Marshes” Local resident