FAQs about hearings

1. Open Floor Hearings you can speak about any aspect of the Proposed Development that concerns you.    

2. Issue Specific Hearing – a discussion led by the Examining Authority on a specific topic(s) . This means that you can contribute to areas that the Inspector wants more advice/information on relating to that/those topic(s). 

This is an interactive meeting. It is therefore not the case that you will give a presentation / talk about a prepared subject/item as you would for an Open Floor Hearing. However, you may raise matters relevant to the topic(s) subject of the Hearing.  

2. Agendas for meetingsThe National Inspectorate publishes an agenda and time-table with information about hearings, usually a week before they take place. For Open Floor Hearings this will give speakers an idea as to when they will be invited to speak. For Issue Specific Hearings this will include a list of points the Examining Authority wish to discuss in relation to the topic(s) of the Hearing.

3. The latest hearings will take place in September 2019. See our Timeline page for further details.

4. If you want to participate in an Issue Specific Hearing you should notify the Case Manager, Hefin Jones, at CleveHillSolarPark@planninginspectorate.gov.uk by Friday 30 August 2019.

5.  If you are asked a question at a Hearing and you are not sure of the answer then you can tell the Examining Authority that you will provide the answer in your written summary of the oral case made at the Hearing, by the next deadline.