“We just realised how much more we could get”

The developers now expect to fit more than 1 million panels onto the 400-hectare site. “We just realised how much more we could get on the site for an east-west layout,” Hive’s Hugh Brennan said.

Is Graveney the right location for such a large solar development?

Despite the rapid increase in solar farms, little research has been conducted on their impact on biodiversity or ecological implications.  The majority of research found was commissioned by renewable companies, and no research was found on solar panels positioned with dual orientation.  This clearly demonstrates that more focussed research is required.

A 300MW development in Spain

Have a look at this video of what a 300MW solar park could look like. It’s still smaller than the 350MW monster planned for Graveney, but it shows a visual of the sort of thing that could be coming.

As big as Faversham

We’ve talked many times about the massive, monster scale of this proposal. This is not your normal sized solar park. Cleve Hill Solar Park Ltd are taking an industrial-scale approach to solar.

Abbey Fields Solar Farm

A solar farm that many from Faversham may already know is the Abbey Fields Solar Farm, developed in August 2016. This is just 5MW in size compared to the 350MW proposed for Cleve Hill.

Thanet Earth is four times smaller

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Subsidy free is possible at only 10 MW in size

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The scale of UK solar

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The Scoping Report – what does it cover?

As we touched on in a previous post, a Scoping Report gets submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. In the words of the developer: This will present the development proposals and will describe how we will assess … Read more

Examining the “s51 advice”

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What is National Infrastructure?

Warning: this article contains acronyms The Cleve Hill Solar Park proposal exceeds 50MW in scale. This is so huge that it qualifies as a “Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP)”. There’s a process for this… Cleve Hill … Read more

More views from the marsh

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Kent Wildlife Trust’s view

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Timelapse construction of a 39MW solar farm

A company called Kinetica built a 39MW solar farm and produced a timelapse of the construction. The finished site, which is 1/10 the size of the Cleve Hill proposal, looks like this:

Why oppose a solar park?

Map compares the boundaries around the proposed solar power station site and the town of Faversham - they are the same size

We agree that solar is a better source of energy than things like coal, oil, and gas. So find out why we are opposed to this development.

Subsidy-free solar at only 10 MW in size

In this article from PV Magazine, developer Anesco shows that a small 10 MW solar farm is financially viable: The 10 MW Clayhill solar farm and storage facility, developed by British renewable energy developer Anesco, … Read more

How many football pitches?

In a letter to local residents, Helen Whately says the scale of the site is equivalent to 400 football pitches. However, KentOnline in their article from 14 November Proposal to build Britain’s biggest solar farm near … Read more