Wildlife Haven or Desert?

Yesterday I came across something unexpected - I had kept a copy of the "Biodiversity Management and Monitoring Plan" submitted by developers in 2015 before they plonked a small solar panel installation on good farmland at Abbey Fields, Faversham.  It's a wonderful read, about how they all love bunnies and the place will become so... Continue Reading →


More profit for greenfield exploitation

A recent news article shows that the developers are already looking forward to getting more energy out of the power station. Hive Energy told an industry audience last week that it believes technological improvements mean its planned Kent solar farm will have 14% more capacity than originally conceived. The Cleve Hill scheme could have a... Continue Reading →

Devil in the detail

If you haven't yet read all 2,303 pages of the PEIR, then here are 46 easy-to-access snippets of content from the 'Volume IIA Figures' report.

Drone footage of the greenfield site

The human eye can see much more than the camera, which is why many of the images that developers have used do not do the landscape any justice at all.  So we commissioned some drone footage to more clearly the scale and beauty of the site.

GREAT Community Event!

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to our Community Event in the All Saints Church on Saturday 30th June. There were so many people who made the effort to turn up and find out the real truth about the proposal, rather than the PR-laden information that we've been fed by the developers.

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