How to object

Act now – consultation closes 13 July!

You have until Friday 13 July 2018 to feed into the current 2nd stage of public consultation.

The developers have to receive any, and all, feedback. You can object AND ALSO make suggestions about the scheme. Any ideas are allowed – so feel free to make any kind of suggestion. You can criticise any aspect of their design, even if you object. You can even ask for local community improvements should it go ahead, even if you object.

Visit their site to see the details, after having explored the facts on our site! You can feedback using any mechanism you like:

  • Write to them at: “Freepost: Cleve Hill Solar” – no stamp required
  • Email them on:
  • Phone them if you have a question: Freephone: 0800 328 2850
  • They also have an online feedback survey form thing – it is a very biased survey (for example on visual impact they prompt for thoughts about hedge species (?) – what about the sheer scale of it – the height, the dense factory-like roof appearance, etc, etc) – DON’T ANSWER THE QUESTIONS YOU DON’T WANT TO…

What else can you do?

There’s a range of other things you can do straightaway, and we’ll provide more information on future actions when the time is right. For now….

Sign the petitions

Write to the politicians

The proposal covers land mostly in Helen Whately’s Faversham and Mid Kent constituency and a small part in Rosie Duffield’s Canterbury constituency.

But don’t forget that this is a ‘nationally significant’ proposal and many aspects have a significance beyond the boundaries of these two MPs. The countryside, the wildlife, the human aspects, the flood risk, the energy policy, and the risk of setting a precedent, are just some of the factors to consider.

Please write to your MP. It is important that they understand the huge opposition to this proposal and help make this a national debate. Be polite, voicing your concerns, in your own voice. Here are some links:

Help us

If you’d like to do a little more to help, then please have a look at our Get Involved page for a range of ideas.