Why oppose a solar park?

We all agree that solar is a better source of energy than things like coal, oil, and gas. So you may wonder why we are opposed to this development? Surely it is good for the environment and should just happen? Here are our key objections:

  1. It’s enormous – massive solar parks like this are normally located in desert regions
  2. It’s in the wrong place – a decommissioned coal power station would be better
  3. It will be harmful to wildlife including many protected species of birds, animals and plants
  4. It will destroy a landscape loved and used by thousands of people

These developers stated aim is to produce the lowest cost energy in the UK – but at what cost? And what will the environmental impact be?

It would be as big as Faversham

Map compares the boundaries around the proposed solar power station site and the town of Faversham - they are the same size

Did you know that this development is as big as the entire town of Faversham? The site is 890 acres or 360 hectares in size – about as big as 640 football pitches.

Get involved!

Get Involved buttonIf you are as devastated as we are about this proposal, please do get involved with our campaign.

Add your thoughts and feelings to this website via the comments. If you have great images why not let us add them to our gallery to show how incredible this place is?

We need help from people that are great at research, planning, and wildlife. Are you someone who can tell a story, and help get folk on board with our campaign?

We’re fundraising too, so you can help with any size of donation.

If you want to help but can’t think how – please do get in touch anyway, we’d love to hear from you.

News and stories

‘Build Britain’s biggest solar farm elsewhere’ - Great to see that Canterbury city councillors “have written to the Energy Secretary in a bid to halt plans for the UK’s largest solar park in their district.” Source Kent Online article ‘Canterbury councillors fighting solar farm plans in Graveney’ by Lydia Chantler-Hicks: ‘Build Britain’s biggest solar farm elsewhere’ The article explains: Campaigners fighting plans... Continue Reading →
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Make it compulsory for all new homes in England and Wales to have solar panels - We’ve been clear that we’re in favour of renewable energy, and indeed we’re in favour of solar – done the right way and in the right place. This petition on gov.uk makes a lot of sense… https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/218223 Solar panels reduce bills by allowing homes to generate some of their own electricity. Installing solar during construction... Continue Reading →
Black Winged Stilts successfully raised on North Kent Farms - From Carol Donaldson, a well known Environmental Consultant and published author, an article that shows how vital North Kent Farms are to the wildlife in the area. Note the reference to Oare Marshes which are right next door to Graveney, Nagden and Cleve Marshes. I can report that numbers of fledged lapwing chicks from North... Continue Reading →

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