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Before 28th January 2019:

If you’re looking for ways to get involved at the moment, please just register as an interested party. There’s only days left and this is the most important thing you can do at the moment .


(The rest of this page is quite old and needs an update)




There are lots of ways that you can help us. We’re a group of local residents working together to represent the views of the community.

1. Record the birds

We’ve written in detail about the laws protecting our wild birds and how to engage. Please record bird sightings with the Kent Ornithological Society:  (you will need to register)

2. Record the flora and fauna

Kent & Medway Biological Records Centre is 0fd943_4e6225351e7c4d2792c60f6c56cb1804mv2a charitable organisation which collects information about the wildlife species and habitats found within our county. This information informsd on planning and development decisions to help to ensure that Kent’s rich diversity of flora and fauna are protected for the future.

You can support the records centre by submitting biological records – look on their site to find out how. We need to record every bit of flora and fauna from earwigs to bats, dormice and orchids!

3. Sign a petition

Lots of folk have asked if they can show their support by signing a petition, so we’ve set one up online: Save Graveney Marshes habitat and wildlife from obliteration by 1 MILLION solar panels!

4. Offer to help

Please get in touch via our contact form if you are:

  • an expert in campaigning and fundraising, the natural environment, or the planning process and the law,
  • someone with spare time to help get the word out,
  • good at researching and getting into the fine detail,
  • keen to help but not sure how just yet!

You can find our contact form here.

Look out for further updates to this page. We’ve got lots of ideas and will need your help!

5. Raise awareness

It’s amazing how few people know about this proposal. There are some key messages to get out:

  • It’s not a done deal – this is only a proposal and has to go through some very significant national planning steps before it can go ahead. It won’t be decided until 2020.
  • It’s huge and industrialised – this will look like an industrial building and will be the same size as the whole town of Faversham
  • It’s in the wrong place – solar should go on rooftops and brownfield sites, not the beautiful coastal countryside.

Please spread the word digitally by tweeting, posting and sharing our content.

Also, have a look at our Downloads page to print out your own posters and flyers to help spread the word. We’ll soon have some more printed outdoor signs – drop us a note if you would like a few for your window or garden.

6. Stay in touch

This website is the main way to find out what is happening. We’re providing a range of information about the site, the proposal and the solar industry.

  • You can follow the website to sign up for email updates – use the form in the footer at the bottom of every page. You’ll get an email alert everytime we update the site.

7. Donate

go fund me widgetWe could do with some financial help to cover the costs of raising awareness and possibly getting specialists and experts involved. Any donation is welcome – please visit our Go Fund Me page.




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