Export, and import?

The first interesting thing we found in the application is outlined in the 1.2 Application Form file. This is a copy of the information that the developers entered into The Planning Inspectorate's website as part of their submission. Question 22 'Additional information for specific types of infrastructure' asks for details on certain types of development.... Continue Reading →


Three months late, but the application is now submitted

It was about a year ago when we first heard about the proposals to build an industrial style and scale solar power station on Graveney, Nagden and Cleve Marshes. We were told that a pre-application phase would lead up to a submission of the application in August. Following the huge amount of feedback the August... Continue Reading →

Wildlife Haven or Desert?

Yesterday I came across something unexpected - I had kept a copy of the "Biodiversity Management and Monitoring Plan" submitted by developers in 2015 before they plonked a small solar panel installation on good farmland at Abbey Fields, Faversham.  It's a wonderful read, about how they all love bunnies and the place will become so... Continue Reading →

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