Developer Requirements

The Development Consent Order (DCO) approved in May 2020 included 20 requirements the Developer must satisfy before development works can commence. The outline details of these are: Time limits – the development must commence no … Read more

Please sign petition for a Farmland Protection Policy

GREAT has joined the Solar Campaign Alliance, a joint venture between resident-driven action groups opposing the rapidly growing issue of large-scale solar developments on UK farmland. Following approval of the Cleve Hill Solar Farm proposal, … Read more

Water voles are moving house

Cleve Hill Solar Park Ltd (CHSPL) announced that work to displace the water voles on the site will commence on 21 March 2022 and is expected to take 6 weeks to complete. This work is … Read more

Solar insanity: an update on Cleve Hill

Article reproduced from the Faversham Eye By Katherine Hutchinson Discussion around the highly contentious Cleve Hill solar park has gone relatively quiet since the development received legal approval in late spring this year. At the … Read more

Green space lost since 1990

Green space the size of Cornwall lost since 1990Article in The Times 9 July 2020. By Ben Webster, Environment Editor. An area of countryside and green space almost the size of Cornwall has been lost … Read more

Ecological renaissance or Hall of Mirrors?

By Dr Tim Ingram “This is the assembly of life that took a billion years to evolve. It has eaten the storms – folded them into its genes – and created the world that created … Read more