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By Richard Belfield, The Faversham Eye Read today’s article in full here.

Cleve Hill Solar Park judicial review bid by Kent council fails

BBC News, 10 July 2020 A council has been told it cannot challenge plans to build the UK’s largest solar farm on the north Kent coast. The Cleve Hill Solar Park will consist of 800,000 panels built on 890 acres… Continue Reading →

No legal basis on which to challenge the government’s decision!

This is undoubtedly the most difficult information we have to share during our 2½ year campaign. Regrettably, we will not be pursuing a Judicial Review and therefore the Solar Power Station development on Graveney Marshes will happen. On the 28th… Continue Reading →

Green space lost since 1990

Green space the size of Cornwall lost since 1990Article in The Times 9 July 2020. By Ben Webster, Environment Editor. An area of countryside and green space almost the size of Cornwall has been lost to development over 25 years,… Continue Reading →

Fruit grower builds ‘biggest solar energy system of its kind’ – 26 June 2020 A horticultural co-operative has installed the ‘biggest solar energy system of its kind’ at its headquarters in Kent after it received a £780,000 ‘green loan’. Working with UK growers and overseas partners, Berry Gardens is… Continue Reading →

English countryside ‘at risk from Boris Johnson’s planning revolution’

The prime minister’s ‘build, build, build’ strategy could harm habitats and reduce wildlife protection, critics warn Article from The Guardian, Saturday 4th July 2020 The English countryside and its wildlife are at serious risk because of Boris Johnson’s pledge to… Continue Reading →

Restoring the natural environment could absorb as much as a third of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions

Article in The Guardian, 24 June 2020. Photo credit: Elmley Marshes Nature Reserve on the Isle of Sheppey, Kent. Photograph: Nature Photographers Ltd/Alamy Restoring the natural environment could absorb as much as a third of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions,… Continue Reading →

Green projects given support to attract private sector investment

What a shame Graveney Marshes wasn’t considered! New investment approach announced to involve private sector in environmental projects, helping to tackle climate change and restore nature. Published 1 June 2020 Four projects which will protect and restore valuable habitats… Continue Reading →

Ecological renaissance or Hall of Mirrors?

By Dr Tim Ingram “This is the assembly of life that took a billion years to evolve. It has eaten the storms – folded them into its genes – and created the world that created us. It holds the world… Continue Reading →

Pandemics result from destruction of nature, say UN and WHO

Article from the The Guardian, 17 June 2020 Pandemics such as coronavirus are the result of humanity’s destruction of nature, according to leaders at the UN, WHO and WWF International, and the world has been ignoring this stark reality for… Continue Reading →

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