‘Build Britain’s biggest solar farm elsewhere’

Great to see that Canterbury city councillors "have written to the Energy Secretary in a bid to halt plans for the UK's largest solar park in their district." Source Kent Online article 'Canterbury councillors fighting solar farm plans in Graveney' by Lydia Chantler-Hicks: 'Build Britain's biggest solar farm elsewhere' The article explains: Campaigners fighting plans... Continue Reading →


Make it compulsory for all new homes in England and Wales to have solar panels

We've been clear that we're in favour of renewable energy, and indeed we're in favour of solar - done the right way and in the right place. This petition on gov.uk makes a lot of sense... https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/218223 Solar panels reduce bills by allowing homes to generate some of their own electricity. Installing solar during construction... Continue Reading →

What happens next?

Now that the Second Phase Consultation period has drawn to a close - what happens next? The specific next steps are contingent on when exactly the developers submit their application - we expect this to be at the end of August. If this happens, then the next three to four months will be about the... Continue Reading →

Responses to the 2nd phase consultation

It's been a couple of weeks since the 2nd phase consultation closed on the auspicious date Friday 13th July 2018. There was a huge amount of activity in the run up to this date as the various groups, organisations and official bodies all got their formal responses ready. At the same time the public were... Continue Reading →

The Faversham Society’s Concerns

The Faversham Society has grave concerns about the negative environmental and amenity impact of the solar power station being proposed at Cleve Hill and across the surrounding marshes. There are alternative brownfield sites available, and distributed generation is both possible and more desirable.

More profit for greenfield exploitation

A recent news article shows that the developers are already looking forward to getting more energy out of the power station. Hive Energy told an industry audience last week that it believes technological improvements mean its planned Kent solar farm will have 14% more capacity than originally conceived. The Cleve Hill scheme could have a... Continue Reading →

GREAT Community Event!

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to our Community Event in the All Saints Church on Saturday 30th June. There were so many people who made the effort to turn up and find out the real truth about the proposal, rather than the PR-laden information that we've been fed by the developers.

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