A lovely walk round the marshes

More pictures of the area under threat for the gallery. These were taken back in July by a new resident in Graveney - thanks for providing these Russ!


The most peaceful place I know…

Some more lovely pictures from another campaign supporter who said: "the most peaceful place I know, teeming with wildlife, and they want to destroy it." Please remember to respond to the 2nd phase consultation - you have just over 33 hours left!

Drone footage of the greenfield site

The human eye can see much more than the camera, which is why many of the images that developers have used do not do the landscape any justice at all.  So we commissioned some drone footage to more clearly the scale and beauty of the site.

A sunny pic

Thanks to Rebecca Etheridge for sharing this great shot with us. I asked her if she had more images of the marsh area and this is what she said: "I can not put into words how I feel about this and intend to try and capture the marsh which we love so much."

Views from near and far

Thanks to Nadege Martin from Faversham for sharing these great images of the area with us. "Just a few of my pictures, to two are from Estuary View Medical Centre. Another is just past Sportsman and also from Shipwrights arms."  

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