Panoramic views?

There are some huge files uploaded by Cleve Hill as part of their consultation information, and it can be really difficult to access them. The visualisations specifically are large in both file size and format. So we've made a few of them more accessible here. Don't forget that these are just visualisations, and in our... Continue Reading →


Sign our petition

Lots of folk have asked if they can show their support by signing a petition, so we've set one up online: Save Graveney Marshes habitat and wildlife from obliteration by 1 MILLION solar panels! Please sign it if you care about our coastal countryside!

Forget solar, it’s about a mega-mega-battery

Hopefully by now, you know that we're in the six week consultation period in which we can explore some of the details that will be included in the final application. Previously, the profit-motivated Cleve Hill Solar Park (CHSP) developers mentioned that they wanted to include a storage facility, but were only able to provide a simplistic... Continue Reading →

As high as a double-decker bus

The east-west layout is one of the many important elements of this proposal that needs to be understood. It is favoured by the developers because it affords a denser layout of panels, covering more of the ground with solar panels. In the words of one of the directors "We just realised how much more we... Continue Reading →

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