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A lovely walk round the marshes

More pictures of the area under threat for the gallery. These were taken back in July by a new resident in Graveney – thanks for providing these Russ!

“Tell your MP to stop the government’s daylight robbery” says 10:10’s Support Solar campaign

Our Save Graveney Marshes campaign has always been clear that we support solar as an energy source, but not at the cost of the environment. This means, amongst other places, putting solar on rooftops.

Join 10:10, Greenpeace and others in telling the government what you think about retaining the export tariff incentive – details below:

daylightrobbery_fbad1If you’re a fan of solar power, nine out of ten Brits are on your side. If you want your own panels, two thirds are with you.

But over the last few years the government has removed support for solar wherever it can.

Incredibly, the government is now planning to stop guaranteeing that people will be paid for the surplus energy their solar panels produce. Instead, in effect, the power will be donated for the energy companies to sell on.

People installing solar after March next year will be left empty handed. Meanwhile millions of pounds go to fossil fuels. That isn’t just unfair. It’s quite literally daylight robbery – and it’s terrible news for the solar industry.

We could have as little as the next fortnight to turn this around. Write to you MP now and tell them they need to take urgent action.


via Support Solar — 10:10


How the government is undermining solar – again | Greenpeace UK

In our campaign against a huge industrial solar power station, we have carefully explained that we’re not anti-solar. Indeed, we believe that solar, done well, should be supported. Placing solar on brownfield sites and on rooftops is the obvious way to go, rather than allowing speculators to destroy our green countryside. It’s one of the differences between good solar and #dirtysolar.

A recent article from Greenpeace shows that solar on rooftops is also well-supported by the public:

“A recent survey showed 62% of UK households want to install solar panels on their homes”

via How the government is undermining solar – again | Greenpeace UK

But the article goes on to explain that the government is proposing scrapping a scheme that encourages this:

The government are proposing removal of the export tariff, the money given to householders with solar panels for the electricity they provide to the grid. This means that, without a replacement payment or policy, families wouldn’t sell the excess electricity they generate, they’d have to give it away. They’d effectively be subsidising the Big Five (formerly Six) by giving it to them to sell. Those wanting to do their bit for the new, clean technologies we need to save our climate will be handing their electricity as a free subsidy to the big multinationals, propping up the system we need to replace. The exact opposite of what subsidies are supposed to do.

If you’re quick, you can sign the Greenpeace petition to tell the UK government that this is a terrible idea:

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The Faversham Society has grave concerns about the negative environmental and amenity impact of the solar power station being proposed at Cleve Hill and across the surrounding marshes. There are alternative brownfield sites available, and distributed generation is both possible and more desirable.

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