Monitoring Cleve Hill HGV Movements

As you will be aware, construction work has started at the Cleve Hill solar farm site.

The Developer has applied for planning permission to temporarily change the use of a plot of land positioned between Staple Street Road and Graveney Road. This is to be used as a holding area and will enable construction HGV’s to be fitted with signs and trackers.

The tracker will monitor adherence to the 20mph speed limit, and prevent two HGV’s from travelling in opposite directions at the same time.

In the interim, construction HGV’s are being escorted along the route by a white van which complies with the 20mph speed limit. The lorries should have a sign on the front dashboard showing a blue triangle (although this may not always be the case while the escort process is in place).

We have agreed a process to report perceived breaches of the 20mph speed limit at our fortnightly Traffic Management Group Meetings. If you believe a Cleve Hill Solar Farm lorry has breached the speed limit, or any other highway regulation, please take the following action to report it to us:

  1. Record the time, vehicle registration number (if possible) or the company name, and the reason for the breach
  2. Send the details to us, either by email to, or post the information on our Facebook Page at
  3. We will then take this information to our next Traffic Management Group Meeting
  4. The Developer will investigate the breach and provide us with feedback, which we will pass back to you

Please note, without the time and vehicle registration number/company name it will not be possible for the breach to be investigated.