Water voles are moving house

Cleve Hill Solar Park Ltd (CHSPL) announced that work to displace the water voles on the site will commence on 21 March 2022 and is expected to take 6 weeks to complete.

This work is in accordance with Condition 14 of the Development Consent Order (DCO) which has to be approved by Swale Borough Council.

Natural England have granted the appropriate licence to allow this work to commence. This ensures a new, enhanced habitat for the water voles is created with a net conservation gain.

  • Work will focus on the spine road and known culvert areas within the site boundary
  • Involves removing vegetation in the drains and opening central burrows by hand
  • Burrows will be carefully excavated to displace voles
  • Fencing will then be installed around displacement areas

Work will be carried out by experts in conjunction with the conditions set out by Natural England.