Month: June 2020

Ecological renaissance or Hall of Mirrors?

By Dr Tim Ingram “This is the assembly of life that took a billion years to evolve. It has eaten the storms – folded them into its genes – and created the world that created … Read more

Compulsory Acquisition order!

You may have seen the Compulsory Acquisition Order that Cleve Hill Solar Park Ltd hung this week from gates on Graveney Marshes? This follows the decision made by the Secretary of State for Business on … Read more

Bird Guides publish article on Graveney Marshes publishes daily news and other articles on all aspects of birding, conservation and the environment. It is also the home the online home of Birdwatch, the UK’s leading monthly magazine for keen birders. Planning permission … Read more

Kent Wildlife Trust Swale Volunteers

Following The Secretary of State’s decision last Thursday, Kent Wildlife Trust Swale volunteers have shared “A photographic tour around South Swale – truly a very special place!” with GREAT. With thanks to this wonderful group … Read more