What’s next?

Many people are asking “What can we do about the Secretary of State’s devastating decision to approve the proposal to build a vast, industrial Solar Power Station on Graveney Marshes?”

GREAT are currently having urgent Zoom meetings with our expert team to review the lengthy documents issued by the Secretary of State and the National Inspectorate (the body that made the recommendations to the Secretary of State to approve the scheme).

We are committed to continuing to lobby and explore ways to influence the process and will make sure that we keep you informed as soon as we know more.

Meanwhile, what can you do to help? 

  • Tell us how you feel about the decision here or email enquiries@savegraveneymarshes.org
  • Register to receive our e-lobby updates here so we can keep you abreast of new developments and information
  • Share your ideas for future fundraising. We’d love to hear them all! Funds may need to be raised to cover the costs of increasing awareness and getting specialists and experts involved