Secretary of State’s decision

GREAT are devasted to confirm that the Secretary of State has today,
28th May 2020, decided to make an Order granting development consent for the proposal by Cleve Hill Solar Park Limited to build a vast industrial Solar Power Station on Graveney Marshes.

“The Secretary of State considers that there is a strong case for granting development consent for the Cleve Hill Solar Park. Given the national need for renewable energy infrastructure and the substantial weight the Secretary of State attaches to the contribution of this development to meeting that need the Secretary of State does not believe that this is outweighed by the Development’s potential adverse impacts, as mitigated by the proposed terms of the Order.”

The serious concerns about this development have certainly not gone away. GREAT will be taking stock and considering next steps with the fantastic team of supporters and experts that have formed this two year campaign. Please keep checking back for further news.

The Secretary of State’s letter outlining the decision
Examining Authority’s report

The Development Consent Order, gives the developer permission to proceed and the powers to do so. However, before work can commence the developer must get detailed consent for Swale Borough Council. In a submission to the Examining Authority on 20 April 2020, Faversham Town Council stated.

Faversham Town Council 20 April 2020

For the absence of doubt, FTC remains firmly opposed to the proposed project.

Of equal concern to the Council is how monitoring of any planning conditions could be undertaken by Swale Borough Council, given their planning teamslack the resources, expertise and experience in the oversight of a project of this scale and complexity.

Infrastructure Planning Development Consent Order

2 thoughts on “Secretary of State’s decision”

  1. Yes we are all in disbelief at this terrible decision.
    Understand there is just a few weeks to undertake a challenge if appropriate and that Great will no doubt require funding for this. Please let me know how and when.
    Take care all

    • Hi Jenny

      Thank you so much for your support. We are with you in utter disbelief.

      GREAT are currently having urgent Zoom meetings with our expert team to review the lengthy documents issued by the Secretary of State and the National Inspectorate (the body that made the recommendations to the Secretary of State to approve the scheme). We are committed to continuing to lobby and explore ways to influence the process and will make sure that we keep you informed as soon as we know more.

      I know you are on the GREAT mailing list so we’ll keep you abreast of new developments via our e-lobby email and the ‘News’ page of the website. We’re currently asking supporters to share their ideas for future fundraising. We’d love to hear them all. As you suggest, and this will be dependant on next steps, it is likely that we will require significant funding to fight this.

      Thanks again and take care,

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