Graveney Marshes on TV

See Helen Whately MP and Sir David Melville voice their very serious concerns about the proposed Solar Power Station on KMTV.
Graveney solar farm plans opposed by MP Helen Whately and residents‘ Click here

The article describes the devastating effect the proposal would have on the landscape of Graveney Marshes and the very serious safety concerns around the untested Battery Storage which would be FIVE TIMES bigger than the previous largest Battery Storage facility in the world. Sir David Melville voices his fears of unextinguishable fires, explosions and the escape of toxic hydrogen fluoride gases.

* Contrary to the statement in the article, Cleve Hill Solar Park Ltd’s proposals appear not to have been approved by the Health & Safety Executive or Kent Fire & Rescue Service.

GREAT received the following statement from Kent Fire & Rescue  on 13th February 2020, which is long after the Examination process concluded. We have seen no evidence since to support the claim reported to have been made by Cleve Hill that approvals have been made.

From: Brown, David 
Sent: 13 February 2020 12:29
To: ‘Marie (GREAT)
Cc: Operational Planning 
Subject: RE: Contact Details KFRS 

Hi Marie, thank you for your email and apologies for my delayed response.

Our position currently is as outlined by Matt below in that we have not been formally approached nor in any consultation process for this site at this moment in time. We will keep an eye on the ‘development consent order’ and will engage accordingly with both planning and developer.

Kind Regards

David Brown AIFireE
Group Manager I Operational Planning
Kent Fire & Rescue Service

The Faversham Society have submitted a Freedom of Information request to the Health and Safety Executive.

* Please note that the solar panels will be the height of one double decker bus not two. This is still 4m high!

Remember this scheme will set a national precedent for solar farms so please, please ask relatives, friends and colleagues to write to the Secretary of State to object and to sign the petition!