Battery storage – the risks

  • The proposed Battery Storage facility (BESS) at Cleve Hill would be 5 x times larger than the current largest battery storage system in the world. Covering 25 acres – the size of 20 football pitches
  • Lithium-Ion Batteries are far from safe – smaller BESS have caused serious, unextinguishable fires and explosions throughout the world
  • Battery fires from lithium chloride batteries can be prolonged and difficult to control with an explosive energy equivalent to a small nuclear bomb and the potential to spread lethal gases
  • BESS are being banned in some countries due to the hazards and risks posed by the emission of toxic hydrogen fluoride gas over a large area!

Video evidence
A hydrogen fluoride release kills 5 in South Korea, with 3000 needing emergency care. 
Here is what a low lying hydrogen fluoride gas emission looks like.
A lithium ion battery exploding and then catching fire again after being extinguished.