Issue of report by the Examining Authority

Month October 2019

Issue of report by the Examining Authority

• The Report on the Implications for European Sites (RIES) (if required); • The ExA’s dDCO (if required); • Any requests for information under Rule 17 of the Examination Rules (if required)

Open letter to Graveney Marshes campaigners

From Helen Whately MP, Member of Parliament for Faversham and Mid Kent, Minister for Arts, Heritage & Tourism

The world’s biggest battery – and the danger to Faversham – just doubled in size.

The Faversham Eye, by Richard Fleury. Read the article here.

Views of the Marsh exhibition

Hosted by the Fleur de Lis gallery in Faversham to highlight the urgent need to save the beautiful and precious habitat of Graveney Marshes. A huge thank you to the artists who submitted their work.

Deadline 6

Receipt by the ExA of documents/submissions