A debate in Parliament on Monday 9 September!

Helen Whately MP continues to battle for us and has organised a debate in Parliament on Monday 9 September titled  ‘Local environmental impact of a solar power plant at Cleve Hill’.

A press call has been suggested for 5.30pm in Westminster for supporters of the campaign and a meeting with a minister will be held as part of this. Depending on the time the debate is held, it may also be possible for us to sit in Parliament and listen to the live debate. We’re organising a coach to ensure we lend as much support as possible and to ensure our campaign receives much needed nationwide coverage.  
We’re aiming to get to Westminster at 5pm on the 9th September and we warmly invite you to come and help us support this important activity. 
Travel is free! To enable us to gauge how many coaches we need to hire, please let us know by Monday 19 August if you can join us enquiries@savegraveneymarshes.org
We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on the coach!

Parliamentary calendar