Deadline 2

Deadline for receipt by the ExA of:
• Responses to the ExA’s Written Questions;
• Written Representations (WRs);
• Summaries of all WRs exceeding 1500 words;
• Notification of wish to participate in Issue Specific Hearings;
• Initial Statements of Common Ground requested by the ExA;
• Comments on Relevant Representations (RRs);
• Comments on the Applicant’s response to the Planning Inspectorate’s s51 advice [AS-001 to AS-010];
• An updated Guide to the Application;
• The Compulsory Acquisition Schedule;
• An updated version of the draft Development Consent Order (dDCO) in clean, tracked and word versions;
• Comments on responses submitted for Deadline 1;
• Any further information requested by the ExA under Rule 17 of the Examination Rules2.

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