Whitstable Information Event – Saturday 27th October

The Graveney Rural Environment Action Team is holding an Information Event in Whitstable on Saturday 27th October from 11am to 3pm at The Horsebridge Centre. Please come along to find out more about the proposed solar power station.

We’ll have information about the completely different design which is unlike any other solar park and promises to smother the landscape with an industrial roof. We’ll explain how this will impact the environment and why this is the wrong place.

Solar can be a great source of energy but not at the cost of destroying the countryside.

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1 thought on “Whitstable Information Event – Saturday 27th October”

  1. This really must not be allowed to go ahead…this place is a nature reserve area! What ARE they thinking of??? Will they not be happy until all of the south east of the UK is covered in either houses or factories? Solar power is good….but definitely NOT on the Graveney Marshes.

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