What happens next?

Now that the Second Phase Consultation period has drawn to a close – what happens next?

The specific next steps are contingent on when exactly the developers submit their application – we expect this to be at the end of August. If this happens, then the next three to four months will be about the Government’s Planning Inspectorate making preparations for an ‘Examination’. The Examination is like a public enquiry and will last for up to six months. We think this will be the first half of 2019. The there’s a three month ‘recommendation’ phase and it all leads up to the decision point – which could be another three months. Final decision by the Secretary of State could be end of 2019.

Find out more on our Timeline page. As you can see, it’s a convoluted process, but it means that we have time to do more awareness raising and more campaigning.

Our activities will be continuing to work at two levels – local awareness and national debate. At the local level the next key thing is to get people ready to register as an ‘Interested Party’ for the Examination. The registration window will probably be October 2018 – December 2018. At the national level we want to keep the debate going all the way to the decision.

The GREAT campaign group is pulling together various ideas and activities as we speak. Watch this space for more details, and get in touch if you want to help.


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