The Faversham Society’s Concerns

Great to see the Faversham Society’s response to the 2nd phase consultation. Do please take time to look at the details of what their points of objection are.

The Faversham Society enthusiastically supports the development of all forms of renewable energy. We recognise the importance of using wind, solar and tidal technologies for power generation to reduce the use of carbon fuels and meet the UK commitments to reduce levels of greenhouse gasses.  However, we have grave concerns about the negative environmental and amenity impact of the solar power station being proposed at Cleve Hill and across the surrounding marshes. There are alternative brownfield sites available, and distributed generation is both possible and more desirable.

see all the points on the Faversham Society’s blog: The Cleve Hill Solar Park: The Society’s Concerns

You have just over 24 hours left to provide feedback. Don’t leave it to the last minute – have a look at our advice on how to object.