Helen Whately: “The local impact is simply unacceptable”

Local residents have today received a very supportive letter from our local representative, Helen Whately MP. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to copy the letter wholesale, but it shows clearly her opposition to what is being proposed. Here are some selected quotes:

I attended the exhibition organised by the company at Graveney Village Hall last month and, like many of you who have contacted me about this, was disappointed that the proposals have not managed to mitigate many of the concerns raised.

Helen describes how she has spent time talking with residents, visiting properties in the area, and even attending our own recent community event. Five key concerns are set out:

  • Size and location of site – and the effect on the special, tranquil marshes
  • Views from the Saxon Shore Way – with panels up to 4m high affecting this unique landscape
  • Ineffective screening – with negative impacts on properties and footpaths
  • Flora and fauna – the marshes are home to a huge variety of creatures, and little sunlight will get to the earth below the panels
  • Flood defences – concern about the company taking control of the flood defences and how this conflicts with the potential use of the site as an area of compensatory habitat.

Helen goes on to say:

I support the development of alternative energy sources, but some balance has to be struck between the big picture benefits and the immediate, local impact. I don’t feel a balance is achieved here. The local impact is simply unacceptable.

Helen has written to Greg Clark, the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy who will ultimately make the decision on the proposal. She concludes:

I will continue to lobby against this proposal to protect this special part of Kent.


Please make sure you also register your objection before the deadline (tomorrow – Friday 13 July)

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