GREAT Community Event!

A huge thank you to everyone who came along to our Community Event in the All Saints Church on Saturday 30th June. There were so many people who made the effort to turn up and find out the real truth about the proposal, rather than the PR-laden information that we’ve been fed by the developers.

There was lots of interest in the drone footage, seen here being projected on the screen, which showed off the beauty and sheer scale of the greenfield site to great effect


Thoughts from the many visitors who came to the event

We were really pleased to have a chance to meet and chat with many local people. The level of opposition has grown and grown as people understand the true nature of this proposal. The back of the churchyard looks over the area in question and we provided people with a map showing the extent of the panels – it shocked everyone who saw it.

The view from the churchyard

There were also many groups and organisations represented, including The Ramblers Association, The Faversham Society, RSPB volunteers, local property owners, and people from local political groups such as the Greens, Liberal Democratics, Labour and also our local MP.

Local representatives engaging with the issues raised at the community event

For another perspective, the local Hernhill Forum has a great piece about the event on their website entitled: Sunstroke: anti – solar park campaign gathers momentum.