The Canterbury District Green Infrastructure Strategy – have your say

An urgent request as we’ve only just seen this, but please take a few minutes to have a look at this info, register with the portal, and respond by 5pm tomorrow 22 June 2018.

Why? Because the evidence document mentions both:

  • The Swale Special Protection Area (SPA) (official description) which is a “strictly protected site”, and
  • The Isle of Grain to South Foreland The Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) (official info). which says that the land the developers want should be allowed to return to marshland from 2025 (see statement, map, and table)

If the developers succeed in their bid to alter the area, it brings the rest of the planning for the local area into doubt. We should support the Canterbury Green Infrastructure Strategy, and ask Canterbury City Council to object to the solar development.

See Canterbury Council’s website: The Canterbury District Green Infrastructure Strategy

We want to hear people’s views on the Canterbury District Green Infrastructure Strategy 2018-2031.

Green infrastructure is made up of the network of green spaces, rivers and lakes that intersperse and connect villages, towns and cities.

In rural areas this can include fields, woodlands, hedgerows, country parks, rivers and lakes.

In urban areas it can include domestic gardens, street trees, sports pitches, civic spaces, green roofs and walls.

The strategy, which complements our Local Plan and national planning policies, identifies a strategic network of green infrastructure sites along with an assessment of the issues they face and any opportunities, it explores strategic priorities and any future actions we will seek to lead or facilitate.

A separate background evidence and information document informs the strategy.

We are inviting comments on the Green Infrastructure Strategy between Monday 30 April until 5pm on Friday 22 June 2018.

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