Panoramic views?

There are some huge files uploaded by Cleve Hill as part of their consultation information, and it can be really difficult to access them. The visualisations specifically are large in both file size and format. So we’ve made a few of them more accessible here.

Don’t forget that these are just visualisations, and in our opinion they are very poor quality. We know that the panels are as high as a double-decker bus, that the area underneath will be much darker (see below the in real photographs from their technical reports), and that there will be CCTV, thousands of inverters, and dozens of large transformers, so why are none of these are shown in the visualisations?

East West oriented from scoping report 1
Very dark underneath the panels


2 thoughts on “Panoramic views?”

  1. Interesting how Cleve Hill Solar Park can make the sun shine underneath the panels — but then all their blurb is full of half truths.

  2. The height of the panels doesn’t look to be to the same scale as the fencing – unless the fencing is much higher than they have said…

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