Advice for the local community from The Planning Inspectorate

Tucked away on the the Planning Inspectorate’s website is a useful document which provides advice for the local community about the ‘pre-application’ consultation. This is the stage we’re at right now, so this could come in handy…

2018-06-09The six page PDF explains:

  • what the pre-application stage means
  • the status of this consultation
  • the things that the developer must do
  • how the consultation should be reported
  • what happens next

The pre-application consultation is very important because it is your opportunity to influence what is applied for.
Even if you think the project should not be allowed to go ahead, you should take the opportunity to explain your concerns
to the developer so that, if it does go ahead, the project is as good as it can be and its impact on the local community and
the environment is managed in the best way possible. It’s also your opportunity to find out as much as you can about the