Sign our petition

Lots of folk have asked if they can show their support by signing a petition, so we’ve set one up online:

Save Graveney Marshes habitat and wildlife from obliteration by 1 MILLION solar panels!

Please sign it if you care about our coastal countryside!


6 thoughts on “Sign our petition

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    1. Don’t want this as it will destroy one of the last remaining sections of graveney marshes. Also, it is not ‘green’ as it will require too much concrete and solar panels which need replacing. A solar panel park makes sense in the desert not here where we don’t get enough sun which would make such an investment profitable by itself. The government will buy the excess power – which is then paid for with taxpayers money. So we are in fact subsidising it….!


  1. Devastating for the wildlife in the area I am absolutely appalled that it’s even being considered. .. I agree solar power is the way forward but this is not the place and the site is far too big. Why do we not put the panels on warehouses and new builds and save what is left of our countryside especially in this corner of the UK that is being swallowed up by development!


  2. Totally wrong for the environment and the health of people and animals. This cannot be allowed to go ahead it’s definitely not ‘progress’.


  3. I have walked here regularly for the past 25 years and to build a solar farm on this piece of land would ruin the landscape. I have no objection to solar energy in principle however there are miles of farmland not in the direct eyeline of the public, why does this have to be built on an environmentally sensitive site. I absolutely object.


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