Last consultation before the application

Month May 2018

Last consultation before the application

The ‘Phase Two formal consultation’ information is now available on the developer’s website. Phase Two runs from 31 May until 13th July, and this is the last chance to comment on the ‘work in progress’ before the application itself is submitted in about mid-August.

Graveney villagers to fight plans


Is this ‘Sea of Plastic’ our future too?

Have you heard of the ‘Sea of Plastic’ that surrounds the Spanish city of El Ejido? It’s on the southern coast of Spain opposite Morocco, and shows what happens when commercial interests take over the countryside. 

Great CPRE article and support

Our CPRE magazine has popped through the letterbox with a well-written and well-informed article about the proposal. And thanks for distributing our leaflet to members too! As a campaigning organisation CPRE has a fantastic track record of defeating speculators who… Continue Reading →

As high as a double-decker bus

The east-west layout is one of the many important elements of this proposal that needs to be understood. It is favoured by the developers because it affords a denser layout of panels, covering more of the ground with solar panels…. Continue Reading →

Dates for 2nd phase of consultations finally announced – sort of

Cleve Hill Solar Park Ltd have announced the dates for the second phase of consultation in this ‘pre-application’ stage. They’ve sent letters to some of the local residents with the following details: Wednesday 13 June from 4.30pm to 7.30pm at… Continue Reading →

Europe is facing “biodiversity oblivion” on its farmland

We cannot allow the numerous skylarks, lapwings, brent geese, marsh harriers and many other creatures to be forced out of their home by the proposed industrialisation of this coastal countryside.