Still no news about phase 2 public consultations

Due to a lack of information from the developers we’ve had to update the countdown widgets that appear on this website. We have two: one to countdown the days until the public ‘phase 2 consultations’ and one to countdown the days until the developers submit their application.

Estimated date for public phase 2 consultations: 26th May 2018

The developers’ original communications suggested that phase 2 consultations would happen in April/May. But there is still no news about when these consultations will take place. As of today the news section of the developer’s website only has information from February.

Assuming that the developers will provide at least a month’s notice for the public meetings we have estimated a date of the 26th May 2018. There should be meetings in all villages and towns affected, so clearly these won’t all happen on the same day, but we think the 26th May could be about the time of the first one.

Estimated date for submission of the application: 15th September 2018

The developer’s website suggests that the submission of their application, the Development Consent Order or ‘DCO’ in the jargon, will take place in Q3 2018. This means the third quarter or anytime from July to September.

Our countdown originally used 15 July as an estimated date, but we’ve now added two months to this estimate to make it 15th September. The developer will have to take the consultations into account in their application, so a delay to the phase 2 public consultation meetings means a delay to the application.

2 thoughts on “Still no news about phase 2 public consultations”

  1. I would like to be kept up to date on this.I completed on line survey, but it gave no voice to objections, just asked view of renewable energy.Have bad feeling my support of that was used to show support for this plan.Really want to voice opposition

    • Hi Sue. You make a good point about their survey. Many of us share the same concern. Do please follow the blog (there’s a link at the bottom of the site) and you’ll get email notifications when we post – we’re keeping an eye on their website – still no announcement about the consultations!?

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