A 300MW development in Spain

Have a look at this video of what a 300MW solar park could look like. It’s still smaller than the 350MW monster planned for Graveney, but it shows a visual of the sort of thing that could be coming.

The visuals starting at about 1:40 show only a portion of the overall planned development but nevertheless the sheer scale of this is scary.

Details from their site:

Solarcentury Iberia is proud to announce the development of Talayuela Solar, a new 300 MWp solar farm in Extremadura, Spain.

The project will benefit from one of the country’s best solar yields. Some 2,000 units of electricity will be generated every year for every kWp installed – enough to power 150,000 households, more than 10 per cent of Extremadura’s population.

The scheme is backed by Extremadura’s regional government, which has welcomed the environmental and economic benefits that the farm will bring to the local area. Last week, Solarcentury signed a memorandum of understanding with Extremadura’s Department of Economy and Infrastructure to develop the €300m site. National consent is expected to be granted before construction begins in late 2018 and the project is expected to be completed in 2019.

via Solarcentury develops new 300 MWp solar farm in Spain – Solarcentury