Sustainable Energy – without the hot air

Having written the previous article about solar or nuclear, I thought I'd better check my facts and I came across a very interesting book called Sustainable Energy - without the hot air (available free online) by the late Professor David MacKay from the University of Cambridge and Chief Scientific Adviser to the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change.... Continue Reading →


Is Graveney the right location for such a large solar development?

Despite the rapid increase in solar farms, little research has been conducted on their impact on biodiversity or ecological implications.  The majority of research found was commissioned by renewable companies, and no research was found on solar panels positioned with dual orientation.  This clearly demonstrates that more focussed research is required.

A 300MW development in Spain

Have a look at this video of what a 300MW solar park could look like. It's still smaller than the 350MW monster planned for Graveney, but it shows a visual of the sort of thing that could be coming.

As big as Faversham

We've talked many times about the massive, monster scale of this proposal. This is not your normal sized solar park. Cleve Hill Solar Park Ltd are taking an industrial-scale approach to solar.

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