Abbey Fields Solar Farm

A solar farm that many from Faversham may already know is the Abbey Fields Solar Farm, developed in August 2016 by Farm Renewables, and then sold on to the Foresight Group.

Here’s a view of the development from Farm Renewable’s website:


The scale of this farm is tiny in comparison to what’s proposed for Nagden and Graveney Marshes. It produces just 5MW of power on 25 acres.

The proposed Cleve Hill Solar Park is 350MW in scale. This is seventy times bigger than Abbey Fields, that’s so big it needs to be repeated in big text:

It would be 70x bigger than Abbey Fields!


main image credit Creative Commons Licence [Some Rights Reserved]   © Copyright pam fray  via Solar Farm, Faversham (C) pam fray :: Geograph Britain and Ireland