Abbey Fields Solar Farm

A solar farm that many from Faversham may already know is the Abbey Fields Solar Farm, developed in August 2016. This is just 5MW in size compared to the 350MW proposed for Cleve Hill.


Water voles in the news

The Wildlife Trusts are in the news today with the publication of a new report that points to 30% decline in water vole distribution over ten years.

“It’s a wonderful place to walk”

I attended a consultation meeting on Thursday in the Graveney Village Hall. It was organised by the developers in order to show elected officials the latest thinking about the proposed development. This is part of a second phase of consultations - the developers did the first phase in December last year. The first phase of... Continue Reading →

A sunny pic

Thanks to Rebecca Etheridge for sharing this great shot with us. I asked her if she had more images of the marsh area and this is what she said: "I can not put into words how I feel about this and intend to try and capture the marsh which we love so much."

Views from near and far

Thanks to Nadege Martin from Faversham for sharing these great images of the area with us. "Just a few of my pictures, to two are from Estuary View Medical Centre. Another is just past Sportsman and also from Shipwrights arms."  

Thanet Earth is four times smaller

Kent residents will know of Thanet Earth - "the UK's largest, most high-tech greenhouse complex". The site includes "vast" greenhouses growing tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. This is a business that has "exceptional green credentials". Much like solar of course! But, this is what a business with "exceptional green credentials" can look like in real life when... Continue Reading →

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