The Last Battle Fought on British Soil – The Battle of Graveney Marsh

Did you know that The Battle of Graveney Marsh was the last battle to take place on British soil involving a foreign enemy? Some great pictures here from Instagram as a slideshow:

From the comments:

“After that, the British soldiers took the captured airmen into the pub and even had a pint of beer before they were picked up.

The aircraft, which carried a new and accurate type of bombsight, was taken to Farnborough Airfield and examined where it was said to have provided ’highly valuable information’. Captain Cantopher was subsequently awarded the George Medal for removing the self-destruct bomb the airmen installed.
Photo 1 shows soldiers of the London Irish Regiment training on Graveney Marsh in 1940.
Photo 2 shows JU88A-1 pilot Unteroffizier Fritz Ruhlandt.
Photo 3&4 shows the downed JU88A-1 plane on Graveney Marsh
Photo 5 shows Unteroffizier Erwin Richter, the wireless operator of the downed Luftwaffe plane with his wife.
Photo 6 shows Captain John Cantopher, the commanding officer of the London Irish Regiment
Photo 7 shows a map of the incident. Seasalter is right next to Whitstable (in the centre of the picture), and is located where the ‘s’ in Whitstable is.”

Credit: @ww2_historypics