Month: January 2018

The Scoping Report – what does it cover?

As we touched on in a previous post, a Scoping Report gets submitted to the Planning Inspectorate. In the words of the developer: This will present the development proposals and will describe how we will assess … Read more

The ‘Community Project Update’ has arrived

Fresh on the doormat this morning – the Community Project Update leaflet has arrived, along with a letter from Hugh Brennan. The eight page A5 glossy leaflet reminds us about the community consultation events that … Read more

Examining the “s51 advice”

In Friday’s post I started looking into what is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project. It was quite a long post and had many links and acronyms – sorry! The world of planning is complex and … Read more

What is National Infrastructure?

Warning: this article contains acronyms The Cleve Hill Solar Park proposal exceeds 50MW in scale. This is so huge that it qualifies as a “Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP)”. There’s a process for this… Cleve Hill … Read more

More views from the marsh

Thanks to Declan for sharing these great shots of the marsh. The first few are from back in October: And these ones are from May on a walk of the Saxon Shore Way from The … Read more

Kent Wildlife Trust’s view

Here’s what Kent Wildlife Trust think. See the full article here: How is it different from other solar parks? Cleve Hill Solar Park is huge. It is about five times bigger than anything else … Read more

A view without solar panels

This is the view of Graveney and Nagden Marshes today. No solar panels yet. Eventually this entire area could be covered. Please share via social and add your views in the comments. [wpvideo XbvhnYYH ]

Timelapse construction of a 39MW solar farm

A company called Kinetica built a 39MW solar farm and produced a timelapse of the construction. The finished site, which is 1/10 the size of the Cleve Hill proposal, looks like this:

How huge does subsidy-free need to be?

How big is huge?

This article from Solar Power Portal describes 120MW as a huge solar farm:
Second huge solar farm in the works as INRG plots 120MW post-subsidy array | Solar Power Portal

Why oppose a solar park?

Map compares the boundaries around the proposed solar power station site and the town of Faversham - they are the same size

We agree that solar is a better source of energy than things like coal, oil, and gas. So find out why we are opposed to this development.