PV Magazine: Wirsol to acquire two ‘subsidy free’ solar projects in the UK

In this story from a trade magazine Wirsol, one of the partners behind Cleve Hill, is shown to be expanding its UK portfolio of solar projects. The scale of these is tiny compared to the 350 MW planned for Faversham.

Wirsol has announced the acquisition of two solar projects totaling 16 MW, which are gearing up to begin construction in the U.K. Wirsol also says it has plans to expand this portfolio to around 150 MW over the next 18 months.

Shuttleworth Solar Farm in Northern England. Wirsol, one part of the JV developing the Cleve Hill proposal, has built 24 solar parks in the UK to date.

via Wirsol to acquire two ‘subsidy free’ solar projects in the UK – pv magazine International

The article goes on:

Two projects acquired by Wirsol Energy Ltd, the U.K./Australian branch of German Wircon Group, have become the latest in the U.K. to be declared ‘subsidy free’, after developer Anesco connected the country’s first project without state subsidy back in September.

Interesting to see that ‘subsidy-free’ projects don’t have to be as massive as that proposed for Faversham. In conversation with the developers at the consultations in Graveney they were very clear that the Cleve Hill project could only progress if all 350 MW were commissioned because of the economies of scale required for subsidy-free solar.