Nagden and Graveney Marshes

Here’s the land that this website is all about – the location for what the developers are calling Cleve Hill Solar Park.

Explore via Google Maps or Ordnance Survey

3 thoughts on “Nagden and Graveney Marshes”

  1. I do not know how things have progressed this far into 2020. I walked the area this week. All the reasons that have been put forward to retain the marshes and put solar panels on the roofs of all new housing developments, factories as well. I wish to add one furtehr point that may no thave been put forward – there is a total lack of a national plan for solar power development; the examples just above show this. Instead look at he King’s Power station demolition on the Hoo penninsula. This land is owned by a power producing company and is now derelict. Clear all those acres, on land that is pretty flat. Put this solar farm there, and keep the workforce local and jobs local. The land is immediately re-used with much less visual intrusion than previously. The marshes remain as they were.

    Kevin Power

    • We completely agree Kevin. There are many brownfield sites where solar power could be sited. Unfortunately, a major reason the developers have chosen Graveney Marshes is because they can easily plug into the existing wind farm sub-station. Which reduces their cost. There is indeed, no national plan for solar power developments, a fact that was raised many times during the National Inspectorate hearings. Alas this government didn’t listen. So with no government policy, Graveney Marshes sets a precedent for the whole of the UK! Nowhere is safe.

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